As a millennial living in the era of 2020, we never really care about the price tag in the fashion stores while buying your favorite dress. But why does it pain when you are buying an expensive yet much-needed pair of shoes? As girls, we often find a lot of alternatives and designs for shoes and heels but men have to repeat those same pairs or style them differently every single time. And probably that’s why the concept of shoelaces matters the most.

How Shoelaces contribute to creating different fashion content for men?

If you are one of those men who has been repeating those same pair of shoes and does not want to invest in too many pairs then that’s okay. All you need to do extra while buying the next new pair is to add up a few extra pair of shoelaces.

If you are wondering why then let me tell you, with the help of each different design of the shoelace you can style one pair in a lot of designs. And while adding the laces, don’t forget to add round laces because it looks super cool on shoes made exclusively for traveling and hiking.

Styling a normal pair of shoes with round laces

• Although you can pair any type of laces with any normal average shoes, round shoelaces look good on smart shoes that are not made for formal occasions. Fashionistas and stylists always advise men to have at least one pair of shoes that have round laces.

• If you have any formal pair of shoes that has round laces instead of straight ones then it’s okay. The shoes that you have kept purposely for work out or for a day out that includes a lot of walking then, they would need the round laces.

• The reason why a normal pair of sneakers or sport shoes come with round laces is that they keep the shoes loose from the grip and you would feel lighter while working, playing any sport, or even hiking/climbing steep hills.

• Also along with the pair of shoes you buy for yourself, you can buy an extra pair of laces from stores or online sites and keep experimenting with your shoes styling with different colors of round laces.

Contribution of the STRAIGHT LACE site in styling shoe with round laces

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